99 Names of Allah



The Name of Allah

Whoever reads this name of Allah 1000 times daily, all doubts and uncertainties will be removed from his heart and, instead, determinations and faith will become inborn in him... Insha-Allah.


The Compassionate

If this Ism is recited 100 times daily after every salat, if Allah wills, hard-heartedness and negligence will be removed from the reader's heart.


Most Merciful

If recited daily after every salat 100 times, the recited will be safeguarded against all calamities, maladies and the entire creation will become affectionate toward him... Insha-Allah.


The Sovereign

If read abundantly each day After Zawaal, the reader will be given abundant wealth... Insha-Allah.


The Holy One And Who is free from all Blemishes

Allah will cure from all spiritual sickness the one who recites this name abundantly each day.


The Giver of Peace or One Who is Immuned From All Distress

Anyone who recites this Ism continuously. Allah will protect him from all calamities and maladies. If said 115 times and blown on a sick person. Insha-Allah will restore his health.


Giver of Peace

Whoever says this name 630 Times in time of fear, Allah will protect him from all calamities, mishaps and losses. If anyone writes it (on paper or by engraving it on a silver ring) and keeps it with him (as ta'weez), his physical and spiritual safety will remain the responsibility of Allah.


The Giver of Protection

Anyone who offer 2 rakaat salat after ghusl and reads with sincerity this Ism 100 times, Allah will purify him physically as well as spiritually. Also, Allah will acquaint one with the unseen if one reads 115 times.


The Mighty

Anyone who say this name 40 times each day for forty days. Allah will grant him honor and self-sufficiency. If read 41 times daily with constancy, the reader will become if he is treated with dishonor.


The Over Powering Lord

Anyone who says this Ism 226 times each morning and each evening will be safeguarded against the oppression to tyrants and depots. If anyone engraves it on a silver ring and wears it. His awe and magnificence will become inborn in the heart of people... Insha-Allah.


The Self-Glorious

The constant reciter of this beautiful name will be granted honor and greatness. If read continually before any task, it will be accomplished... Insha-Allah.


The Creator

Anyone who recites this name of Allah 100 times for 7 days, will be safeguarded against all adversities... Insha-Allah. And one who forms the habit of its continuous recital, Allah will create an angel who will worship Allah continuously on his behalf.


One Who Gives Life

If a barren woman fasts for 7 days and each day, after making iftaar with water, reads Ya-Bari Ya-Mussawwir 21 times, Allah will grant her male children... Insha-Allah.


Fashioner Of Shapes

If a barren woman fasts for 7 days and each day, after making iftaar with water, reads Ya Mussawwir 21 times, Allah will grant her female child... Insha-Allah.


Exceedingly Forgiving

Anyone who say this name 40 times each day for forty days. Allah will grant him honor and self-sufficiency. If read 41times daily with constancy, the reader will become self-sufficient and will attain honor if he treated with dishonor.


One Who Has Control Over All Things

One who is fully inclined towards this world should say this Ism continuously; If Allah wills, he will be freed from the love of this world and, instead, Allah's love will become inborn in his heart.


The Giver Of All Things

A poverty-stricken person should say this Ism constantly: or write it and keep it on him (as a taweez) or say it 40 times in the last sajdah of salatud-doh (Chast):... Insha-Allah he will be freed from poverty in an unexpected and amazing manner. For a particular need to be fulfilled, observe sajdah thrice in the courtyard of the house or majid and then lift the hands (as in Dua) and say this Ism 100 times: If Allah wills, the need will be fulfilled.


The Sustainer And Provider

Anyone who blow in all four corners of his house after saying this Name 10 times in each corner before Fajr, Allah will open for him the doors of rizq (sustenance); sicknesses and poverty will never enter his home. Note: Begin from the right-hand corner while facing the Qiblah.


Remover Of Difficulties And Giver Of Decisions

Anyone who places both his hands on his bosom after Fajr Salat and says this name 70 times... Insha-Allah his heart will be illuminated with the "Noor" of Imam.


The All Knowing

Anyone who recites this Ism abundantly, Allah will open for him the gates of knowledge and wisdom. Moreover, his heart will be filled with the Ma'rifah (cognizance) of Allah.


The Straitener Of Sustenance

Whoever writes (with saffron or by the mere action of one's finger) this name of Allah on four morsels of bread (roti) each day for 40 days and eats them, will be safeguarded against hunger, thirst, pain etc... Insha-Allah.


The Extender Of Rizq

Lift the hands towards the heavens (as in dua) after Salaatud Doha (Chast) and say this name 10 times. Thereafter pass the hand across the face (as when finishing dua);... Insha-Allah, self sufficiency and independence will be granted by Allah. This must be done daily.


The One Who Humbles And Lowers

Anyone who says this Name 500 times, Allah will fulfill all his needs and remove all his difficulties... Insha-Allah. One who fasts for 3 days and on the fourth day says this beautiful name 70 times while sitting in seclusion, will gain victory over his enemy - if Allah wills.


The Exalter

Any person who says this Ism 100 times in the middle of the 14th night of every lunar month, Allah will grant him self-sufficiency and independence of the entire creation:... Insha-Allah.


The Giver Of Honour

If this beautiful name of Allah is said 40 times after Maghrib on every Monday and Friday, Allah will grant the reader and reverence... Insha-Allah.


Giver Of Dishonour

Whoever makes dua for protection after saying this Ism 75 times, Allah will protect him from the evils of envious person, oppressors and enemies... Insha-Allah. If there is a particular enemy who one fears then after saying the name in the manner mentioned above, one may observe sajdah, "O Allah! Protect me from the evils of xyz."


The All Hearing

One who says this beautiful name 500 times of 50 times on Thursday after offering Salatud-Doha (Chast), all his duas will be assured granted - Insha-Allah. It is necessary that no talking is done during the course of reciting it. If anyone reads it 100 times on Thursday between the Sunnah and Fardh or fajr, Allah will favor him with his special blessing... Insha-Allah.


The Seer Or One Who Sees All Things

One who says this name 100 times after the Jum'ah prayers constantly, Allah will grant strength to his eyesight and light (noor) to his heart... Insha-Allah.


Maker Of Immutable Judgement

Allah will cure from all spiritual sicknesses the one who recites this name abundantly each day.


The Just

Anyone who inscribes (with saffron or by the bare action of the one's finger) this name of Allah on 10 pieces of bread (roti) on the day or night of Jamu'ah, and consumes it, Allah will cause the entire creation to become subservient to him... Insha-Allah.


Most Affectionate Or Knower Of Innermost Secrets

Whoever reads this name 133 times daily, Allah will grant abundance in his irzq. Anyone involved in any adversity at all should make wudhu in the proper manner and offer 2 rakaat solat then bearing in mind the objective (like deliverance from adversity) say this Ism 100 times: Allah will surely grant him deliverance... Insha-Allah.


All Knowing

Anyone who reads this name continuously for seven days, will begin to perceive hidden secrets. Any person who has an insatiable desire for pleasures, should read this Ism constantly... Insha-Allah he will soon be freed from such base desires.


The Clement

If this Ism is written on paper, and soaked in water and then the same water sprinkled on anything or rubbed onto something, then the quality of "barakah" will be imparted to such a thing and it will be safeguarded against all calamities.


The Great

The reciter of this Beautiful name of Allah will be graced with grate honor and dignity... Insha-Allah.



One who repeats this mane frequently, all his maladies, sorrow and grief will be removed... Insha-Allah. Moreover Allah will give barakah in his wealth and offspring. It is related in a Hadith that anyone who says thrice Ya Rab Aghfirly Al-Ghafur while in sajdah, Allah will forgive all his past sins and any sins that may commit in the future.


Highly Greatful

Read this name daily 41 times for any difficulties - financial, physical, spiritual, mental etc... Insha-Allah, deliverance will be granted soon.


Most High

Anyone who reads this Ism daily and constantly, and keeps with him a written copy of it, will be exalted, granted affluence and all his desires will be fulfilled... Insha-Allah.


Most Great Or Infinite

If anyone who is dismissed from his post - fast for seven days and each day repeat Ya-Kabir 1000 times, will be reinstated to his post and moreover graced with honor and dignity... Insha-Allah.


The Protector

The one who recites this name of Allah constantly and keeps with him a written copy of the Ism, will be protected from all hazards, losses and harmful things... Insha-Allah.


The Giver Of Sustenance And Strength

Anyone who blow in any empty bowl after repeating this Ism 7 times, and then drinks water from it himself or allow someone else to drink from it or to take a deep breath from such a bowl then all their desires will soon be fulfilled... Insha-Allah


The Reckoner Or One Who Suffice For Everyone And Everything

When in fear of any human being anything, repeat Ya-Hasbi-Allah Al Haseeb 70 times in the morning and 70 times at night for eight days starting from Thursday... Insha-Allah protection will be granted against the evil of such a person or thing.


Glorious Or One With An Exalted Position

Anyone who keeps with him (as ta'weez) on anything (paper, cloth, etc.) On which is inscribed with saffron of musk, Allah will give him honor, greatness, rank and dignity... Insha-Allah.



Anyone wishing to be revered and honored by the Ulama and pious people should continue saying until he falls asleep.


The Caretaker

Anyone who desires that his family and wealth be protected from destruction and calamities should repeat this Ism each day 7 times and blow on them. He should also continue reading at all times so as to remain safeguarded at all times.


The Answerer Of Dua'as

The constant reciter of Ya-Mujib will soon perceive that all his dua'as are being granted.


The Lenient

Anyone desiring spiritual and material self-sufficiency and independence should repeat over and over.


The Wise

Anyone who repeats Ya-Hakim constantly, Allah will open for him the doors of knowledge and wisdom. Anyone whose particular task does not seem to be accomplished should repeat this Beautiful name of Allah frequently and constantly. Soon will his task be accomplish... Insha-Allah.


Most Loving

Anyone who repeats this Ism 1000 time and blows on food, and such food consumed by him and his wife together their differences and disputes will soon be settled and strong bond of love and affection will result between the spouses... Insha-Allah.


Most Venerable

Anyone who has contracted a fatal disease such as pox, leprosy etc., Should fast on the 13th and 15th of the lunar month and after breaking fast repeat this Ism profusely and blow in water and drink such water. He will soon be cured... Insha-Allah.


The Resurrector Of The Dead

Anyone who, at bedtime, places his hand on his bosom and says this name 101 times his heart will become alive with knowledge and wisdom... Insha-Allah.



Anyone wishing that his disobedient wife or children become obedient, should while placing his hand on their foreheads, repeat this Ism 21 times and blow on them. Soon they will become obedient... Insha-Allah.


The Truth

Anyone whose family member is missing or has absconded or anyone whose belongings are stolen should inscribe Al-haq all 4 corners of a square paper and at the time of Sehri place such paper on his palms and lift it towards the heavens and make dua. Soon will the missing person return or the stolen goods be recovered free from any harm or damage... Insha-Allah.


The Provident

Anyone fearing any calamity caused by an act of God should say Ya-Wakilo repeatedly. He will be protected from all calamities... Insha-Allah.



Anyone genuinely oppressed or victimized should read this Ism profusely with view to counteracting the oppressor. Allah will render him protection... Insha-Allah. (This should never be done if circumstances do not warrant)


The Invincible

Any lady whose breast do not yield milk, should be made to drink water wherein the inscription Ya-Matin was soaked. Her breast will abound in milk... Insha-Allah.


The Patron

If anyone's wife of ill-character, this Ism should be recited constantly while in her presence. She will soon become of good character... Insha-Allah.


The Praiseworthy

Should anyone recite in seclusion Ya-Hamid 93 times for 45 days, all his evil habits and bad qualities will change into good habits... Insha-Allah.


The Reckoner, The Appraiser, The Accountant

The recital of this name 20 times daily and blowing on twenty pieces of bread and consuming it, will cause Allah to make the entire creation subservient to the reciter... Insha-Allah.


The Originator

Anyone who, while placing his hand on the stomach of his pregnant wife, repeats Ya-Mubdi 99 times of the time at Sehri, neither will she have a miscarriage nor will she give birth prematurely... Insha-Allah.


One Who Has The Power To Create Again

When any person is lost, then this Name should be repeated 70 ties in each corner of their house during the night when everyone is asleep. He will either return within 7 days of his whereabouts will be known within that period... Insha-Allah.


The Giver Of Life

The sick should constantly say or alternatively it could be said over and over and blown on a person who is ill. His health will be restored... Insha-Allah. Anyone who says Ya-Muhyi 89 times and blows on himself, will be safeguard against all obstacles and bandages... Insha-Allah.


The Giver Of Death

Any one has no control over his nafs should place his hand on bosom and continue saying before he falls asleep. If Allah wills, he will be given the strength to control his self.


The Everlasting

Anyone desiring sound health should say this Ism 3000 times daily. If a sick person writes this ism in a bowl with musk and rose water and then washes such inscription with water and drinks the water, he will soon be cured from his illness... Insha-Allah. Alternatively, if such water is given to a person who is ill, he will be cured... Insha-Allah.


The Sustainer Of Life

Anyone who says this name continually, will attain honor and dignity amongst people. Anyone saying it constantly in seclusion will become affluent and wealthy... Insha-Allah. And anyone who continues to Ya-lethargy and laziness will varnish... Insha-Allah.


The All Perfect

Anyone who continues to say this Name while eating meals, the food thus consumed will become a source of strength, illumination and noor for his heart... Insha-Allah.


The All-Excellent And The One With Veneration

Anyone who says this beautiful name of Allah in seclusion to such an extent and in such a manner that he becomes euphoria then the light and noor of Allah will soon become evident in his heart.


The One Unequalled

Anyone who desires that the fear and love for the creation be driven out of his heart, should recite this Ism 1000 times daily. Anyone desiring good and pious children, should inscribe this Ism (on paper, cloth, etc.) and keep it with him at all time.


Free From Want

Anyone who places his head in jajdah at the time of Sehri and repeats this beautiful name 115 times or 125 times will be granted spiritual and physical truthfulness... Insha-Allah. Anyone saying it constantly while in the state of wudhu will soon become independent of the entire creation... Insha-Allah.


The All Powerful

Anyone who, after offering 2 rakaat solat, says this Ism 100 Times, Allah will humble and disgrace his enemies (provided he is justified). And if it is said 41 times before undertaking a difficult task, the difficulty will be removed... Insha-Allah.



Anyone who continues to recite this name after awakening or says it 20 times. Allah will have all his tasks fulfilled efficiently... Insha-Allah.


The Promoter, The One who Brings Forward, The Expediter

Anyone who says this Ism abundantly at the time of war, battle or jihad. Allah will give him courage (to make advances) and he will be safeguarded from the enemy... Insha-Allah. And one who says it all times, will become obedient and submissive to Allah... Insha-Allah.


The Delayer, The Postponer

The frequent reciter of this beautiful Name will soon resort to genuine repentance. One who recites it 100 times daily with constancy, will soon become dear and favorite to Allah... Insha-Allah.


The First

Anyone desires of male children should say this Ism 40 times daily for 40 days. His need will soon be fulfilled... Insha-Allah. And if any wayfarer (musafir) says it 1000 times on a Friday, he will soon return to his people safe and sound... Insha-Allah.


The Last

Anyone wishing that (i) the love for Allah become firmly established in his heart; (ii) the love for anything or anyone besides Allah be driven out of his heart; (iii) compensation should be made for all his sins; (iv) he dies in the state of Imam, then he should say this Ism 1000 times daily.


The Obvious

The one who repeats this name of Allah 500 times daily after ishraaq, Allah will cause his sight and heart to be filled with light and noor.


The Latent
Anyone who says this Ism 33 times daily, will soon begin to perceive the deeper secret of Allah. Moreover, strong bond of love and affection will result between him and Allah. And anyone who continously says:- Huwal Awwalu wal' Akhiru waz-zzhiru wal-baatin: wa Huwa Bi-Kuli Shay'in' Qadeer after offering 2 rakaat salat, all his needs will be fulfilled... Insha-Allah.


One Who Exercises Responsibility Over All Things

Anyone who recites this beautiful name of Allah repeatedly will be safeguarded from all unexpected calamities. If it is inscribed in a new earthen tumbler or jug, and the same tumbler then filled with water, and the water is then sprinkled in the house then such a house will be safeguarded against all calamities... Insha-Allah. If one wishes to subdue another, one should say it 11 times.


Far Above The Attributes Of The Entire Creation

The reciter of this name will soon find all his problems solved. The woman who recites it abundantly during her menstruation will soon find relief from all ailments... Insha-Allah.


The God

The Source of all Goodness

Anyone in the habit of talking intoxicants or committing adultery and indulging in any other evils should recite this Ism 7 times daily. He will soon receive guidance... Insha-Allah. Excessive recital of this Ism is very effective in expelling from the heart the love of this world. Anyone who reads it 7 times and blows on his or her child soon after birth. Allah will grant the child protection from all calamities until puberty.


The Oft-Returning

Anyone who is desirous that Allah guides him to seek sincere repentance should read this Beautiful name 360 times daily after Saltud-Doha (Chast). If this Name is said 10 times in the presence of a tyrant, the reader will soon be freed from his oppression... Insha-Allah.


One Who Takes Retribution

Anyone who is justified and desires to take revenge against his enemy, but hasn't the power to do so should read this Ism continuously for 3 Fridays. Allah, Himself will take revenge on his behalf... Insha-Allah.


One Who Pardons

Allah will forgive the one who recites this name of Allah abundantly.


The Kind

One who desires that the entire creation becomes affectionate towards him and vice versa should recite this name repeatedly, anyone who desires that his anger be subdued, should recite first Salawaat (i.e. Durood) 10 times. Alternatively, if someone recites it as given above, and blows on an angry man, his anger will soon be subdued... Insha-Allah.


Possessor Off Sovereignty

The constant reader of Ya-Malik-ul-Mulk will be granted wealth, self-sufficiency and independence... Insha-Allah.


Majestic And Benevolent

The constant reciter of this Ism will be granted honor, dignity and self-sufficiency... Insha-Allah.


The Just

One who recites this ism daily with constancy, Allah will protect him from evil doubts created by the saiton (evil). If it is read 700 times for a purpose, it will be acquired... Insha-Allah.


The Assembler

If anyone's family or relatives are scattered he should bath at the time of Doha (Cahst) and lifting the gaze towards the heavens say this Ism 10 times. But this should be enumerated with each reading, one finger should be closed until all ten fingers are closed. Thereafter the hands should be passed across the face (as when completing dua). By doing so the dispersed members of his family will soon come together... Insha-Allah.


Free From Need

If anyone says this Ism 70 times daily, Allah will grant him barakah (adundance) in his wealth and self-sufficiency... Insha-Allah. Anyone involved in any physical or spiritual sickness or any difficulty at all, should say this beautiful name abundantly and then blow relieved of his difficulty... Insha-Allah.


Supplier Of Needs To Others

Anyone who reads the Salawat (Duraad) 11 times before and 11 times after this time 1111 times, he will be granted both material as well as spiritual wealth - if Allah wills. This should be done either after Fajr or Esha Salat. But the surah Mussammil should also be recited with it.


The Hinderer

If one has any dispute with one's spouse, one should recite this name 20 times while lying down on the bed; if Allah wills, the dispute will be settled and instead, love and affection will result. The constant reciter of this ism will be safeguarded against all calamities... Insha-Allah.


One Who Can Cause Loss
Anyone who says this name 100 times on the eve of Jumu'ah will be safeguarded against all physical and spiritual calamities. This will also draw him near to Allah - if Allah so wishes.


One Who Confers Benefits

Anyone embarking a ship or boarding of any conveyance should read this beautiful name of Allah abundantly; he will be safeguarded against all hazards - if Allah wills. If read 41 times before a task, it will be accomplished efficiently... Insha-Allah. If said prior to intercourse. Allah will grant him good and pious children... Insha-Allah.


The Light

Any person who says this Ism 1001 times after reciting the Surah Noor, His heart will become illuminated with the noor and light of Allah... Insha-Allah.


One Who Gives Guidance

Anyone who lifts both hands (as in dua) whilst lifting the gaze towards the heaven, and recite this name several times and then passes both hands on his face (as when completing dua), Allah will grant him complete guidance and associate him with the devout and pious - if Allah wills.


The Deviser

If a peson in grief or sorrow should recite 1000 times, Allah will soon grant him relief from his misery. Likewise if someone is involved in difficulties or is perturbed... If a particular venture is to be undertaken, but one is not certain as to its feasibility then one should say this ism before falling asleep; dream... Insha-Allah. Anyone wishing for a practical task to be accomplished - should say this Ism 1200 times: before the passing of 12 days his task will be accomplished... Insha-Allah. This akal is a proved one.


The Eternal

Allah will grant protection and accept all the virtuous deeds of one who says this Beautiful name of Allah 1000 times on the night of jumu'ah.


The Supporter Of All Or One Who Remains Alive Even After Everyone Or Everything Dies

If this name is repeated 100 times at sunrise, protection will be given against all sorrows, grief, hardship and calamities. Moreover the reader will dies as a Mo'min... Insha-Allah. Anyone who desires to be safeguarded against perplexities, perturbation and disturbances should repeat this name 1000 times between Maghrib and Isha.


One Who Guides Along The Path Of Virtue Or One Who Loves Virtue And Piety

Anyone who does not have the know-how about a particular task or is unable to work out plans for a certain task should say this name 1000 times between Maghrib and Isha. The plan and scheme will soon become evident for him either by way of a dream or by instinct. For financial progress and safety against all mishaps, one should read daily.


Most Forbearing

Anyone who repeats this name 100 times before sunrise will be safeguarded against all calamities for the remainder of the day. Moreover, Allah will cause his enemies not to utter a single word against him. Any person in difficulty should repeat this Ism 1020 times: he will soon find relief and be granted peace and contentment of the heart... Insha-Allah.