Belief in One God is the core of Islam.

Mere acceptance that God exists does not make one a Believer.

A Believer accepts God in the way God describes Himself.

The only correct description of God is found in The Noble Qur’an which contains the exact Words of God.

In The Noble Qur’an, God uses the personal name of Allah.

The Arabic name “Allah” is gender-free and has no plural.

There is no other god to be worshipped except Allah” is the most important part of the Muslim’s belief in One God.

Allah is the One and only, independent of all things, has no child or parents and nothing is comparable to Him.

Allah has no partners or associates.

Worshipping Prophets, saints and false gods created by men is completely against the concept of belief in One God who alone deserves all worship.

Allah the Almighty gives the sternest warning in The Noble Qur’an to those who set up associates with Him.

This is the only sin He will not forgive and Hell is the only place for these persons in the Hereafter.

The Almighty cannot be grasped by the human senses.

Those who depict God as human, semi-human or animal in statues and drawings are committing a major sin.

On Judgment Day they will be asked to give life to the false gods they created.

The will fail. They will be severely punished for their disobedience to the One True God.

Belief in One God is belief in The Unseen Creator.

Unlike created things which have a beginning and an end, God existed before the beginning and will remain after the end.

Belief in One God is the belief that God is eternal.

God can create anything out of nothing. For a thing to exist, all He has to say is “Be” and it will come into existence.

He created all the things in the seen and unseen world.

Belief in One God is the belief that He is the Creator of Everything and Creation is easy for Him.

God has no need. He is not in need of anything from His created things.

Belief in One God is the belief that God is self-sufficient.

Created things get tired. The ‘burn out’.

The One True God does not tire.

Some claim that God took six days to create the heavens and earth and that the tired God rested on the seventh day.

This claim is a human innovation. It is not God’s view of Himself.

Belief in One God is the belief that God is eternally vibrant.

All the things that we consider as ours (money, property, knowledge, skills) are with us by His Mercy.

He has given them to us as a trust with the condition that we use them only in ways permitted by Him.

Belief in One God is the belief that God is the sustainer of everything.

He has complete awareness of everything in the heavens and earth. Not a leaf falls without His knowledge.

Belief in One God is the belief that He has knowledge of everything.

Everything came from God and will return to Him when the times fixed for them are over.

Only God knows the time span of each of the created things and His entire Creation.

Belief in One God is the belief that only God knows The End.

On The Day of Judgment, we will be resurrected and will have to account for all our deeds.

Our mouth will be sealed and our hands and legs will ‘speak’ our records.

All our deeds that had been recorded in a Clear Book will be opened.

No one can intercede and speak for us on the Day except those permitted by God.

Family and friends will not recognize each other on that Day.

God alone will be Judge on that Day, sending those who lived by His Commands to Paradise and others to Hell.

Belief in One God is the belief that God will be The Lord on Judgment Day.

Not to seek His Help is senseless arrogance and to turn to others is sheer ignorance.

All things in the heavens and the earth glorify Allah the Wise. [62:1]

To know more about Allah the One True God, read The Noble Qur’an.

By Dr Y Mansoor Marican, Ph. D