The Prophet [pbuh] was reported to have said: “The grave is either one of the gardens of Paradise or one of the pits of Hell.” [Tirmizi]

In Islam, death is the end of this life and there is no returning to this life in any form.

Life does not end at death. Belief in life after death is a basic principle of Islam.

The Noble Qur’an says, “Then Allah causes him to die and assigns to him a grave; then when Allah Wills, raise him to life again.” [80:21-22]

Everyone will be raised from the ‘grave’ on the Day of Judgment [100:9], regardless of whether he or she was buried or not.

The body that was destroyed in a flood or fire will be in the earth at its place of death.

Life in the grave is a state of transition and waiting. It is also known as barzakh which means ‘a barrier between two things’.

Barzakh is ‘a barrier’ between the worlds the dead had just left and their Resurrection on the Day of Judgment. [23:100]

The passing of the dead to the world of grave coincides with the beginning of their awakening to The Truth.

The Noble Qur’an says, “And the agony of death comes with the Truth. That is what [the disbelievers and evildoers] used to flee from!” [50:19]

Their greed for material things and physical pleasures (that obstructed them from knowing The Truth) are removed at death.

Thus the first request of the disbelievers and evildoers at death is to be returned to their former life.

O Lord, send me back so that I may do good deeds in the world that I have left behind.” [23:99-100]

This request will not be granted.

There will be no more opportunity to do good deeds and the door of repentance for their bad deeds is permanently closed before death.

The souls of the righteous ones experience a gentle, quick and satisfied exit. Their souls will be taken to the heavens.

Their names will be recorded in the Register of Paradise [Illiyun] before they are returned to their graves. [83:18]

The disbelievers and the evildoers will realize at death about the Punishment in the Fire that awaits them.

They will struggle to prevent the removal of their souls from their bodies.

They will be in great pain as their blood vessels and nerves are ripped apart when their souls are forcibly removed.

The Prophet [pbuh] was reported to have said that if human beings could hear their cries at death, they would faint.

Their name will be recorded in the Register of Hell [Sijjeen]. [83:7-8]

The Prophet [pbuh] was reported to have said: “If one does not find salvation in the grave, then what follows is very hard upon him.” [Ibn Majah and Tirmizi]

I have never seen a sight more horrifying than the grave.” [Tirmizi]

Life in the grave begins with questioning by two Angels, Munkar and Nakir [pbut].

The dead will be questioned about their Lord, religion, Messenger, direction of prayer and brothers and sisters (ummah).

The righteous ones will answer with ease. They will be rewarded with spacious graves.

Their good deeds will become personified and be pleasant company for them in their graves.

They will enjoy their Paradise life in the grave itself.

They will beg Allah to bring the Day of Judgment soon so that they can enter and dwell in Paradise permanently.

The disbelievers and the evildoers will not be able to answer the questions asked by the two Angels.

They will be hit so hard with an iron hammer that everything near them (except jinn and human beings) will hear their screams. [Bukhari & Muslim]

They will be put in dark and narrow graves.

Their bodies will be so tightly pressed that one side of their ribs will crash into the other. They will be in great pain.

The Prophet [pbuh] narrated the agony of one whose mouth was torn right up to the back of his head. [Bukhari]

The punishment in the grave is a continuous torment. The Qur’an mentions as an example the evil Pharaohs. They will be brought to the Fire “morning and evening” [40:46] before they are thrown into Hell on Judgment Day for more severe punishment.

The disbelievers and evildoers will beg to Allah not to establish the Day of Judgment so that they can spare the permanent Punishment in the Hell-fire.

Allah The Almighty says that the Day of Judgment is “sure to come when every soul will be given what it has earned and there shall be no injustice.” [3:25]

Let us seek Allah’s forgiveness and Mercy before death overtakes us.

Allah The Most Merciful says: “O Believers! Turn to Allah in true, sincere repentance.” [66:8]

May Allah The Most Merciful spare us from the Punishment of the Grave. Ameen.


The dead do not become ghosts!

Neither do they ‘possess’ the bodies of the living nor haunt houses and buildings.

Spirit mediums and clairvoyants work with deviated jinn (spirit beings) to fool people into believing that they contacted and spoke to the dead!

Our best defenses against these deviated jinn are complete trust in Allah as The Best Protector and supplication (du’a).

By Dr Y Mansoor Marican, Ph. D